Dr Mohsen Ghalaey born in 1947 kermansah-Iran because of great interest in the field of sketching and architecture he went to world of architecture cradle that means ltaly and florance city .
 In the 1976 he educated and completed his decorate degree and returned to his birthplace at the same year . He became occupied in the Kermanshah province domicile up to 1979 as architecture master's degree holder . Then from 1979 to 1983 he became chairmanship of development and equipment of Kermanshah , province schools and at the same time he initiated his private architecture clup .

 He went to Switzerland in 1983 and from then up to nine year that means up to 1992 he became technical responsible of decoration and architecture of the great chain store of the Switzerland naming Jelmoli in the 1992 he retumed to Iran and initiated his private club in Tehran city that activity of club such as sketching , executing , supervising is continued . In the year 1999 loving special sketching , borned a new idea in mind this idea reached to sketching and manufacturing of first and the biggest handy agent factor of the world that is to say glasses columns of islamic Head quarters sitting and dome roof there of at the same year he became initiator and chairman of Nooransazeh Co , and introduced himself as a sketcher and executor of handy glasses agent factors to the Iran and world Architecture society .

 At the presnt time Nooransazeh has honour of executing more than 1000 small and big projects in the government and private structure around Iran .

E-mail : drghalaey @nooransazeh. Com